Whiskers Fop Hair Gel


  • Alcohol free formula
  • Super strong hold
  • Pump dispensing hair gel
  • All day hold
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How to Apply


Fop Hair Gel

Give your hair style, look, and texture with Whiskers Fop Hair Gel, a non greasy styling gel which provides incredible style and look with long lasting hold and manageability. This translucent formula styles and holds hair without flaking or drying out and provides shine to hair. Ideal of all hair types.

Bonus information: This Hair Gel can also be used as a nourishing beard gel which will style and nourish your beard too!


Benefits of Fop Hair Gel from Whiskers

  • Gives your hair a wet look
  • Takes away the dullness of the hair
  • Gives an attractive shine to the hair
  • Doesn’t flake the hair
  • Gives a non-greasy look


Whiskers Hair Gel


Ingredients of Whiskers Fop Hair Gel


  • Olive Oil: Olive Oil is known to promote hair growth, and it also repairs the damaged hair thereby giving strength and adding volume to hair.
  • Glycerine: An essential natural ingredient of Hair Gel, glycerine doesn’t allow the hair to dry or gives you a flaky look. It provides moisture to the hair and takes away the dull look of the hair.
  • D-Panthenol: This ingredient prevents hair fall and provides voluminous growth to the hair. It thickens the hair too.


How to use Whiskers Fop Hair Gel ?

Step 1: Shampoo your hair and rinse it properly

Step 2: Set the hair with a comb

Step 3: When the hair is damp, take a considerable amount of gel wax on the palm and rub on your palm.

Step 4: Apply it on your hair to get the desired style

Step 5: Take care that the Hair Gel doesn’t come in contact with the eyes


What Makes Whiskers Fop Hair Gel A Must Buy?

  • Doesn’t contain alcohol
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Helps in thickening the hair thereby providing volume to the hair
  • Gives a style, texture and new look to the hair
  • Easy to apply and spread


How to Give Your Hair a Stylish Look?

Everyone wants good, thick and shiny hair. To maintain good hair, oiling must be a part of your routine as it can reduce hair fall, promote hair growth and give it a good lustre too. Whiskers offer products for maintaining your hair, such as hair growth oil, hair serum, hair pomade and Hair Gel which can give your hair the desired style and nourishment which it requires:


  1. Growth Hair Oil: Whiskers Hair Growth oil made from basil and hemp seeds. It also contains onion extract which promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair.


  1. Hair Serum: If you are suffering from dandruff or fungal infections in the scalp then you must try this Hair Serum from Whiskers which will maintain your hair by repairing the damaged hair, moisturizing it and keep it healthy. It works well with all types of hair, including frizzy and damaged hair.


  1. Hair Pomade: Nourish your hair with pomade which gives a matte finish to your hair, and this will give your hair a just stylish look throughout the day. It is easy to apply and manages your hair thoroughly.


  1. Hair Gel: This wax Hair Gel from whiskers offers two benefits, i.e. of styling the hair and strengthening it. It removes dullness and gives a shine to your hair.




  1. Is this Hair Gel sticky?


No, this wax Hair Gel has a perfect consistency which will not give a greasy look to your hair and can be washed easily with shampoo.


  1. What are the payment options available?


You can buy Hair Gel online on whiskers.in by paying via debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets or COD


  1. Should this be applied to dry hair?


To get the best results from Whiskers Hair Gel, apply this on damp hair.


  1. How many hours will the hair be set after application of Hair Gel?


Using this Hair Gel will firmly hold your hairstyle for all day long.


Happy Grooming!