Whiskers Hair Gel + Hair Pomade


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Hair Gel and Hair Pomade

To maintain a strong good looking hairstyle, you require styling products like hair gel and hair wax which elevate your style statement. Nothing attracts more then a clean hairstyle with shiny look and that should be a daily hair regime. Whiskers hair styling products are made from unique and exotic ingredients sourced from different parts of the world, and in-depth research makes it different from other brand, in-fact one of the beat styling products in the category.

Why Buy Hair Gel and Hair Pomade?

  • Whiskers Hair Gel gives your hair a perfect gig-ready wet look.
  • Whiskers Hair Pomade (Hair Wax) gives your hair a mat finish. Makes your combed; the much-coveted look stays all day with this matte finish hair wax.
  • It takes away all the dullness from hair and adds a shiny look along with providing a long-lasting hold, no matter how thick your hair is.
  • Both are alcohol-free.
  • Both come with pump dispensing mechanism for 0% wastage.
  • Both gives you all-day hold.
  • It also adds strength to the hair, preventing the hair fall and thus the volume.
  • Comes with high-quality ingredients that nourish the hair, keeps it hydrated and prevents it from appearing dry or flaky.
  • With no presence of harsh chemicals, you can be assured of no adverse effect on your hair.
  • Best styling products with extraordinary fragrance.

Another essential feature of this hair styling combo is that you do not have to worry about washing it as both these products are water-soluble.